About Me

Our Family live in Omaha, Nebraska "The Corn Husker State", USA

I am 22 Years old. I am a Final year undergrad majoring in Computer Engineering at Universiy of Nebraska, Lincoln. I have a sister, who is 17 years old. My Dad designed the web pages as a gift for me and also as a project for his HTML learning class. My Dad gave me a computer as a gift. I like Electronic toys, Drawing, painting, video games, and play games.

My parents are born in India. Now my parents and I are living in Omaha,Nebraska, the Corn Husker State. My father is an Engineer and is working at Lincoln Industries, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. My Mother is a graduate in Accounting and Business management in Marketing. Currently, she is working as Systems Analyst at WABTEC, Omaha, Nebraska.

My Dad has two brothers and a sister. My Dad's first brother lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. My Dad's sister and second brother lives in India. My Grandparents also live in India.

My Uncle Sujay and Aunt Uma were born in India and are American Citizens now. My Uncle worked for Lincoln Industries as well. He did master's in Engineering. He was a Supplier Quality Manager. My Aunt Uma is a Doctor.

My Uncle Hari and Aunt Sunanda are at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh State, India. They have a daughter Lakshmi and a son Hitesh

My Father's Side: My Grandfather is at my Uncle Hari's place.

My Mother's Side: My Grandfather and Grandmother are Teachers.

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